Does this sound familiar?

It's the beginning of another week and you're already tired thinking about all of the work ahead of you in your office. You would rather be walking your dog, riding your horse or just enjoying a good book and a glass of wine without worrying about all the stuff that is still undone. You dread the thought of updating your website, you know that you should write a blog post, and you're pretty sure you've misplaced an order that is needed this week. You are wistful thinking of how much easier it would be if you knew where to start - but you're stuck because you have no processes in place and automation is yet another thing to learn when you're already mentally taxed.

At Diverse Office Solutions, my goal is to help YOU succeed in your endeavors. Whether you have a small grooming salon or a large racehorse breeding and training operation I have the skills and experience to elevate your business. A professional website, superior writing and efficient business management tools will streamline your business and cultivate high-quality clients - allowing you to reach a new level in your business!

My experience in both business and with animal-focused industries sets me apart from my competitors. I know the unique challenges of equine and canine businesses and the people immersed in those industries because, too, am a horsewoman and dog person. You want a partner in your business who speaks your language and understands what is important to you. For that, you want Diverse Office Solutions.

Website Design

In today's business world, a website is your storefront, your business card, and your potential client's first impression of who you are. It needs to have consistent branding, present the right image and make your ideal client say "I have to work with this person! No one else will be right." 

If your website doesn't do these things, or worse, you don't have a website - I can change that.

All website proposals are custom and tailored to your vision. I will strive to understand your goals, your desired vision and your pain points through a discovery process and then present my recommendations on the best way to achieve your goals.

New basic website design starts at $1200

Website redesign starts at $1200

E-Commerce store design starts at $1500

Writing and Editing

Your writing should shine, but that isn't always easy - sometimes you don't have time to write copy that really works, sometimes you don't have the skill to come up with the right word at the right place. That shouldn't stop you from presenting your message in a way that resonates with your target audience. 

That's where I come in. I can elevate your writing and, with it, elevate your business. Blog posts, website copy, articles, manuscripts and ghostwriting - I can write, edit or polish all of it.

Writing starts at $0.05/word

Editing starts at $0.03/word

Proofreading starts at $0.03/word

Business Managment Systems

How do you organize and connect with your clients?


How do you keep track of your projects and orders?

How efficiently do you run your business - really?

If you don't know the answers to these questions, or they make you feel uncomfortable, you may need some assistance. You may be wasting precious time that can be spent on revenue-generating activities, or with your family, friends, and hobbies if you don't have the right systems and processes in place. 

I love helping my clients learn ways to be more efficient, streamlined and smoother in their business operations.

Business management systems audit starts at $50.

Business management systems set up starts at $800.

How can I help you streamline your business and gain more time for the truly important things?

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